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Medik8 Ultimate Brightening Set

RM1,192.00 RM979.00
Earn 39.16 Reward Points

The ultimate set for all your brightening/ anti pigmentation needs!

Comes with exfoliating cleanser, brightening serum, day and night moisturiser. Prep, correct and protect your skin!

While stocks last. Grab your before it runs out!


Medik8 ABC Kit

RM900.00 RM729.00
Earn 29.16 Reward Points

The ABC’s to great skin

  • Cleanse: Prepares skin for better absorption of serums
  • A: Helps speed up cell turnover for dramatically diminished lines and wrinkles
  • B: Helps retain moisture and improve skin texture
  • C: Helps protect cells from the inside and trigger collagen production

Feel the synergy of ABC